Teladoc Health

Telehealth: using technology to feel better
Have you ever wanted an alternative to waiting weeks to get a doctor's appointment, followed by a stressful rush-hour drive and hour-long office wait? With TeladocTM Health, you can replace those drains on your time and patience with quality, cost-effective care anytime, anywhere - 24/7!

Teladoc Health focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of acute, non-urgent health issues such as sinus infections, pink eye, the flu and more. Similar to retail drop-in clinics, Teladoc Health is more accessible and a more affordable alternative to urgent care or emergency centers.

Available 24/7/365, during hours when many physician offices are closed, patients can conduct telephone or video appointments with a board-certified physician.

Please note: Employees are required to pre-register for Teladoc Health in order to use the Teladoc Health service.